A Glossary of Terms for Understanding Women’s Exploitation

by Comrade Stella

This glossary was specifically developed as an accompaniment to Comrade Stella’s theoretical contributions, The Super-Exploitation of Women and Developing a Revolutionary Mass Line (Part I) and Women and Super-Exploitation:  An Illustration Through Basic Marxist Economics, which have been put forward to stimulate discussion within and overcome the undertheorization of women’s liberation in our organization and take us towards a correct revolutionary mass line for women’s liberation. However, clearly this glossary has general use beyond the question of women’s liberation.

-R.I. Editorial Note

Base: Economic structure of society equated with the mode of production.

Mode of production: The totality of the forces and the relations of production. The mode of production is the economic base of society “which determines the general character of the social, political, and spiritual (ideological) processes of life” (Marx). Marx stated that … “history exists as a succession of modes of production” from primitive communism to feudalism, to capitalism, and through class struggle, finally to communism. Continue reading “A Glossary of Terms for Understanding Women’s Exploitation”

Clarification of the Terms on Dual Power

Clarification of the Terms on Dual Power

by Comrade Azaad

In the past year, our organization has been working to synthesize its experiences and practice into a series of discussion documents on the question of what exactly it is we are developing in the immediate horizon, and how this relates to revolutionary strategy. Our point of convergence has been dual power.

Here, I would like to review two articles by comrades of Revolutionary Initiative on the question of dual power, and I hope, with humility, that my contribution will be to clarify and explain of few terms and concepts being used Specifically, the basis for my discussion are two articles: the first by Comrade Victor Hampton entitled “Breaking the Illusion of Liberal Democracy and Building ‘Dual Power’ in the Urban Setting” in Vol. 2 (2012) of Uprising; and the second essay is the extension of the said essay by another, Comrade Stella B. in Vol. 3 (2013), entitled “The Institutions and Elements of Working-Class Power”. First of all I want to congratulate our comrades and Revolutionary Initiative for developing further the concept of ‘dual power;. It is a bold break from the stale agit-propaganda and dogmatism of much of the left; and comes out of our important practice over the last half decade or so. Continue reading “Clarification of the Terms on Dual Power”