About Us

Who are we?

Revolutionary Initiative is a revolutionary communist party-building organization based in the northern half of Turtle Island, or the territories held or occupied by imperialist Canada.  Our goal is to creatively apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to our local conditions in order to build a multinational revolutionary movement of proletarians, oppressed nations and oppressed national minorities to fight Canadian imperialism on the “home front” with established links of solidarity to the most advanced revolutionary movements around the world.  We strive to abolish Canada’s internal colonialism of Indigenous peoples, smash the imperialist Anglo/British federation and establish a truly decolonized socialist and multinational society.

Contact Information

We can be reached at revintcan [at] gmail [dot] com.

Disclaimer about our content

Unless otherwise stated, most of the content we produce are discussion documents and theoretical interventions from comrades in RI who are theorizing our practice and conducting the ideological work to carry us closer to a draft Party Program. While these pieces are almost always drafted in consultation with other members of the organization and within our organization units, these are not necessarily “party line” around which we have established organization unity.  Line documents will be issued under the name of the organization as a whole, or minimally by the Central Committee.  Editorials in Uprising can be viewed in similar terms.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I don’t know if you speak french, but if it’s possible I’d liKe that you answer will be in french.
    How do you consider RCP Canada?
    How do you consider RCP USA and Kasama project?
    Have you a plan for the unity for to form one organsation?Do you want do conference for the unity like In Struggle or you prefer the manner of the PCO (in french) probably in english Communist Workers Party who did this debate during the part of the seventy decade?
    RED rescue long live MLM

    1. The only individual parties in Canada that RI has published opinions on are the CPC (in our United Front document that touches on their slide into revisionism) and the RCP (in our review of their program).

      Although RI has not produced anything about the CPC(ML) specifically, the more general assessment is that there is no genuine Communist Party in Canada and that the currently existing entities are “Communist Parties” in name only.

  2. I’m from New Jersey, so I was just wondering if you guys have any Revolutionary Initiative groups based in the good old US of A? Or any affiliated groups?


    1. Matt, The answer is no. We are concentrating our forces in the northern stretch of occupied Turtle Island / a.k.a Canada. But we would recommend checking out some of the revolutionary communist / Maoist organizations in the U.S. and anti-imperialist organizations. You can search through our website for links to other organizations.

  3. What is your stance on the work being done by the Young Communist League (YCL), and the current efforts of the CPC in participation in bourgeois elections?

    1. Because the CPC is one of the few “communist” organizations to focus heavily and almost exclusively on campuses (aside from the Trotskyists) the CPC is the first introduction to communism for a lot of younger people. So they find a lot of people with energy and enthusiasm to peddle their propaganda for a while. But the organization is a revolving door, and that probably reflects the CPC’s gaping distance from militant class struggle and anti-imperialist struggles in this country.

      As for the question of electoralism, our organization has always maintained that without an organized mass base, any foray into elections is (a) a waste of time, and (b) a prop to bourgeois democracy (the CPC does afterall, more or less, still maintain an electoral path to socialism, does it not?). We have said in the past and maintain that electoral contests need to be secondary and subordinate to building popular power, if engaged at all. We’ve long been sympathetic to the RCP’s position in essence to boycot elections, but we do think it’s also not the best use of our energies or time to engage in boycott campaigns, as they do. The CPC, along with the CPC-ML, argue that elections are a good time to go door-to-door to talk to people about politics. Why the hell can’t we do that outside of electoral contests? That’s what I would ask the CPCs.

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