“A ploy to dissolve the PLA” – Kiran denounces Bhattarai

Reposted from The Next Front
In this statement from Mohan “Kiran” Baidya – the Vice-Chairman and a leading figure on the left-wing of the UCPN(M) – Comrade Kiran denounces the counter-revolutionary liquidationist and capitulationist move of Prime Minister in turning over the keys to PLA weapons that have been locked down since 2006. Kiran has called on “all concerned people and sectors to immediately terminate this suicidal decision.”  These recent developments seem to mark the intensification of the line struggle in the UCPN(M) beyond polarization and into the territory of a developing split.

Mohan “Kiran” Baidya –

Our party has been committed to carrying the tasks of constitution writing and army integration to a meaningful conclusion in accordance with the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). We have made it clear that both of these responsibilities have to be accomplished simultaneously. There can be no divided opinion about the fact that army integration is an important part of the peace process.  It is known to all that we have been advancing the issue of army integration with consensus.

It is also clear that the meetings of our party held at different levels and on different occasions have taken the decision to integrate the army in a dignified manner. Despite the formal decision of the party to agree on the regrouping of the PLA members only after settling the issues concerning the modality of integration and rehabilitation package, the sudden and surprise decision to hand over the keys of the containers and weapons is against the decision of the party’s standing committee and central committee. This decision is a ploy to dissolve and liquidate the People’s Liberation Army by disarming it.  We strongly condemn this type of decision and also appeal to all concerned people and sectors to immediately terminate this suicidal decision.

Mohan Baidhya ‘ Kiran’

Vice Chairman, Unified Communist party of Nepal (Maoist)

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