NPA Attacks Australian-Canadian Mining Company

In the current issue of Ang Bayan (Aug 7, 2011), the official Party newspaper of the Communist Party of the Philippines, there is an article detailing a sabotage action conducted against a subsidiary of the Australian-Canadian mining firm Central Gold Asia.
The policy of the NPA towards multinational firms plundering the country is, unequivocally, repulsion. Violence is the only language that the imperialists know, so it’s what they need. However, it should be noted that it is the policy of the NPA not to target civilians, but only combatants, in the course of such actions.  Here is the full text that appeared in Ang Bayan.

NPA in 2nd punitive action vs. Msabate mining firm

For the second time around, the New People’s Army (NPA) Hose Rapsing Command punished the Filminera Mining Corporation (FMC) in Sitio Guimobatan, Barangay Syndicate, Aroroy, Masbate.

On August 1, an NPA special unit detonated explosives on a huge water reservoir that the giant mining company has been using to process gold. The operation paralyzed and stopped FMC’s operations, said National Democratic Front-Bicol spokesperson Ka Greg Bañeres.

The FMC, which was first meted punishment by the NPA in April 2007 is managed by Masbate Mining Project and is a subsidiary of the Australian-Canadian-owned Central Gold Asia. Its open pit gold mining operations have led to grave crimes against the people such as widespread environmental destruction, the plunder of the province’s natural resources and the murder and manhandling of small miners and residents of the area.  These were all being done in cahoots with the 9th ID troops and the Philippine National Police.

Due to the people’s ardent support, the NPA was able to undertake the punitive action despite the presence of a 20-man Special Civilian Armed Auxiliary (SCAA) under the 22nd IB, aside from a company of the 9th
IB based near the mining company

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