Comrades, Let’s Get Fit – Kicking off a new series with Sticman’s new track “Back On My Regimen”

We’re opening up a new series on revolutionary work, physical culture, health and fitness: Comrades, Let’s Get Fit.  As articles and resources are added you’ll be able to find them here or via the reading series and collected material section off the main page.  Got any suggestions?  Drop us a comment or an email.

To set the mood, let’s open it up with this new joint “Back On My Regimen” from Stic ft. Divine (also included in our video list to the right).

Stic – one half of the hip-hop group Dead Prez – has always been more about the lifestyle politics than M-1, the latter being the one who reps people’s army and revolutionary struggle more. Stic tends to come with a petty-bourgeois aspiration of “I’m gon’ be my own boss”, which is complemented by the frequent (but insightful and inspiring) lifestyle politics that occupies half his music). That said, as long as we got revolutionary politics, let’s take some inspiration from Stic’s overall positive lifestyle recommendations.

Final qualification: This piece was clearly produced more for the brothers than the sisters, which is understandable given the ideological struggle that dead prez has been waging within their music to bring out the best aspects of lumpen-proletarian and develop a revolutionary politics from therein.  Representation of women is much better on Stic’s fitness blog rbgfitclub.

And long live Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who this track is clearly dedicated to!

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