Intervention of the maoist Communist Party – Italy at the International Conference in Hamburg

Comrades, first, we are glad to meet the parties and organizations attending this important International Conference.

The work of our party with the PCP and the MPP is long term, it is a common way to serve the revolution, the establishing of Maoism and the construction of a new Communist International, and this conference is an opportunity and a step in that direction.

We bring you the salute of the workers building the maoist Communist Party of Italy (PCm). As Maoists, in this moment we are engaged in class struggle in our country, from where good news come.

On 16 October, the workers staged a large demonstration in Rome demanding a general strike against the owners and the government. On this occasion the proletarian communists of the PCm Italy took up the call of workers and challenged the reformist leadership of the major Italian unions.

In recent weeks in Italy we assisted a real explosion of the struggle of students and youth. The Parliament was besieged, the gate of the Senate attacked by a large mass of students, there were blocks of the train stations and highways, occupations of universities and schools. A wind of rebellion demands the withdrawal of the reactionary reform of the education as well as the anti-worker, anti-popular, modern fascist Berlusconi’s government.

The young people of Red Block, generated organization of the PCm Italy, are at the forefront of this movement in Palermo and send their warm greetings to all comrades who attend this international Conference.

This advance of the mass movement created good opportunities for the Maoists to go forward winning advanced workers and rebel youth, so they actively participate in the construction of the maoist Communist Party of Italy, for a new beginning of people’s war.

The focus of this conference is urgent, arduous and complex, and difficult to implement. The RIM, embryonic centre of a relevant part of the MLM parties and organizations within the ICM, amongst them in the front line the parties and organizations leading the People’s War in Peru, Nepal Turkey – in India the RIM member organization is unified in the CPI (M), which now leads the people’s War in that country – and the contingents struggling to build MLM communist parties in the world, is experiencing a
deep crisis. Stagnation has become a position of liquidating the RIM, nobody claimed the liquidation, but for years the RIM has not came out of the crisis.

The whole ICM has suffered with this very serious recession, because the RIM is not a forum for discussion, not a vehicle of mere coordination of parties, but an embryonic centre to unite the genuine Maoists and communists and a step towards a genuine Communist International.  This step can not be or should be liquidated. Today we need a further step that should draw on the positive and negative lessons of our Movement. The history of RIM has lasted many years. After the fall of the Cultural Revolution and the death of Chairman Mao, the work of RCP US to bring together all parties and organizations refusing to liquidate the communist movement inspired by Mao Tse-Tung was very important. The RCP US has the merit of this successful work, which led in 1984 to the International Conference that founded the RIM on the basis of its Declaration.

The Conference was the result of an agreement between the three main participating parties, from US, Turkey and India. The Conference established a common basis of RIM – the Declaration – and made the decision to form a Committee of the RIM (Corim), not as the leading centre of the world revolution, but to allow all the parties to join, take part, make advance the struggle and internal discussion
also through an international journal – A World to Win (AWTW) – and to organize international campaigns.

Unfortunately, a few months after the Conference, the organization from India left the Corim and then dissolved. The participation at the RIM and the support of the Declaration by the party of Turkey was oscillating and finally it was not able to go on with the work of Corim. This allowed and created the conditions for which the RCP US had a kind of monopoly in the Corim. This monopoly had serious effects on relationships between the parties members of the RIM and negatively affected the internal functioning; it did not allow the full participation and debate that could turn the provisional unity provided by the Declaration into a steel unity.

However, thanks the decisive role of the PCP and the People’s War in Peru, under the powerful leadership of the Gonzalo thought and chairman Gonzalo, in the RIM the understanding of Maoism advanced. The strength of Maoism prevailed through the advance of people’s war in Peru. The declaration “Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!” is the result of this situation.

In the years following the declaration “Long Live MLM”, RCP US developed in the Corim and generally in the RIM, along with a hegemonic attitude, an understanding of Maoism that is not revolutionary, a line that in practice undermines Maoism.

In this context, the struggle within the RIM became very sharp, but the method of this struggle was not correct, it was not informed by an open and transparent two lines struggle.

The relationships between the Corim and the parties and organizations of our Movement became difficult, trends were formed which were not based on the two lines struggle, but aimed to build “friend parties” and paper parties and organizations. Against this, the consequent Maoist parties and organizations found difficulties in advancing their positions.

The capture of Chairman Gonzalo became a crucial step for the RCP US in reversing the course of Corim. With the line of “investigation”, the ROL was given support and a contribution was given to the attack on the People’s War in Peru and the PCP, in the phase of bend on the road.

In our movement there were rebellion and struggle against this position and the various parties developed different understanding. However, with the initiation and development of people’s war in Nepal, the advance of Maoism and People’s War did not stop.

These two factors created conditions for the Enlarged Meeting of Corim, where the left, the red fraction represented at this meeting by the PCP and the newborn, in the same year, PCm Italy, developed a sharp struggle. This meeting brought about a political setback for the right of the RIM, represented by the RCP US, and a new document: “For a century of people’s wars…”.

At the same time, the creative application of the People’s War in Nepal brought further advances and useful lessons for our Movement. No people’s war may be the same as another. Principles are similar but the application must be consistent with the reality of each country, it must be a dynamic application in theory, politics and action.

But even the people’s war in Nepal was not good for the CoRIM, particularly for the RCP US. They opened fire against the people’s war in Nepal, stabbed in the back that people’s war, as at the time of the detention of Chairman Gonzalo and the bend on the road they had stabbed in the back the people’s war in Peru led by the PCP.

Therefore there was a phase of maximum difficulty and confusion in our movement, up to the complete emergence in the recent years of the opportunistic, revisionist and, in some features, even reactionary approach of Bob Avakian, now called “New Synthesis”, to which is added objectively the develop of revisionist positions in the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

All this has resulted in the current collapse of the RIM. We cannot resume with the reconstruction of the RIM, for a second step forward, without a summing up and a radical criticism of the current revisionist tendencies, different in their nature but identical in effects, represented by the New Synthesis of the RCP US and the revisionist positions in the leadership of the UCPN(M) in Nepal.

Maoists in the RIM should raise the red flag and advance in a very difficult process of reconstruction, because it requires that the Maoist forces within RIM and also those MLM forces out of the RIM reach a basis of agreement for a new International Conference.

An International Conference is not only a call from a party to all other parties and organizations. It requires an agreement, a compromise based on the assertion of Maoism and the need to build a centre of unity of the MLM forces today. It demands the unity of parties and organizations that are in the RIM with MLM organizations and parties that, for different reasons, are outside.

This work is now at the beginning rather than conclusion.  There are no conditions for convening a conference of this type. New parties play an important role in the current situation, in particular the Communist Party of India (Maoist) with the People’s War in India. A new international conference, a new step can not be thought without the effort for the CPI (M) taking part.

Therefore, for us the work is more complex than the PCP and conferences held by MPP pose. It is not a criticism of the action and positions of PCP, or the work of MPP, but the considering that the problem can not be solved that way. In the path toward the International Conference we need that each party fulfils its task and makes its contribution.

To establish Maoism, the ongoing people’s war and promote new people’s wars, to mark and clearly delimitate the current revisionism in our movement are two important bases to move in that direction. But we need also to discuss through bilateral meetings, seminars to deepen these issues, in order to reach an agreement on the need of organizing this new International Conference.

The International Conference which gave birth to RIM was the result a years-long work. That Conference lasted many days in 1984, days of struggle. No one had a common position on many points. The Italian Maoist group that took part – of which we are the followers – did not agree with the positions of other parties in the Conference on points of strategic relevance. It was a difficult work of mediation and synthesis that led to realize the historically determined mixture that allowed the step forward represented by the foundation of the RIM. Our work today requires a process of the same type, adapted to current conditions and past lessons.

The other important problem in this road is to establish the universality of the people’s war, that today means to establish the people’s war in the imperialist countries.

Currently in the RIM only the PCm Italy and the PCP endorse the line of the people’s war in the imperialist countries.  Out of the RIM, the RCP Canada and mCP France support this line. Other MLM parties and organizations within and out of the RIM do not agree with this line.

We believe that there is no chance to advance if it does not advance also the flag of the universality of People’s War, if it does not advance also the organizing parties for the people’s war in the imperialist countries and the new beginning of the People’s War in some of them.

Our party can not wait for the Conference that will establish in the general line of ICM, the ideology, theory, politics, practice and organization of people’s war.

That is why our party has already begun working on our country and internationally, with comrades from France, Spain, Canada, to advance in the line of the People’s War in the imperialist countries. It is in this context that we promoted the international meetings held in Paris on the uprising in the banlieues, on the nature of modern fascist imperialist governments in countries like France and Italy, on the summing up of the experience of the Maoists in the imperialist countries, the French May and the Gauche Proletarienne in France. Through this work we make our contribution to establish the Maoism in the imperialist countries, to reach an International Conference, along with and in accordance with the PCP and all parties and organizations seeking to establish Maoism and the way of people’s war as universal, to reconstruct the RIM as a second step towards a new Communist International.

This work today has a new journal – Maoist Road – that we realize together with parties and organizations that share this need. This work includes the support for the people’s war in India, as a Maoist flag, with an international campaign that is part of the battle to establish the Maoism. We believe that through this work, complex and structured, we will contribute to the tasks specified in the appeal of PCP.

For a new International Conference, let’s work all together!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
People’s War until communism!

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