MAOIST ROAD #1 now available in English

The first English edition of the International Maoist Review ‘Maoist Road’ is now available. Red salute to all the comrades and organizations who put this together! The reorganization of the ICM and the regroupement of MLM organizations is long overdue, and the release of this journal marks an important step in that direction.
The contents of this issue are listed below. We will reproduce the most significant content in the coming days and weeks in html format. You can download the entire journal as a .pdf file from this link. -R.I.


Internarionalist May Day

Joint statement

Support the People’s War in India

Call for an International Week of Mobilization

The International Week of Support

New campaign! Condemn the arrests of CC members of CPI (Maoist) !

Press release of CPI (Maoist) for the 6th anniversary of the Party

The debate in the international communist movement

On the Present Situation of the RIM and the Challenge of Regrouping Maoist Parties …[Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari]

Intervention to the Conference in Hamburg [maoist Communist Party – Italy]

To the Communists, to the International Proletariat and the Oppressed Masses of the World [Communist Party of Peru]

Intervención Central a la Conferencia Internacional de Hamburgo [Movimiento Popular Perù]

On the International Unity of Maoists [Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada)]

The Communists’ Unity on a World Wide Scale Is Achieved Through Ideological Struggle [maoist Communist Party, France]

Defendamos firmemente la vigencia del MRI! [Comité de Loita Popular Manolo Bello]

Internationalist Seminar of Maoist Road


International Review

Our Position on the RCP US’s New Line in its Manifesto and Constitution [Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan]

The CPI (MLM) Has Fallen into the Lost Road of “post-MLM” [Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan]

On the Line and Tactics of the Nepal Maoist Movement [Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari]

Political Resolution Adopted by the 5th Conference [CCOMPOSA]

Report Presented in the Sixth Expanded Meeting (Plenum) of the Party [Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) ]


The Revolutionary Line Will Prevail – Interview with Com. Gaurav

Pressing Toward the Seizure of Power – Com. Kiran

Letter to PCm Italy

On the situation in Nepal [maoist Communist Party – Italy]

One thought on “MAOIST ROAD #1 now available in English

  1. This is a fabulous step in the development of a new MLM international! Thank you very much for sharing this.

    If Maoist comrades need help with design, e.g., a cover (or something,) then don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll help out. Im fairly experienced with graphic design — Photoshop and, to a lesser extent, Illustrator.

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