Biplap: The Nepalese Revolution Can Achieve Victory

[From Kasama Project. – Ed]

Kasama has produced the following interview, and hopes you will help us circulate it widely. This interview took place in June of 2010, as the Nepali Maoist leader Biplap spoke with a revolutionary journalist .

A revolutionary movement, especially in a poor and isolated country, faces intense challenges: Can we defeat the reactionary internal powers? Can we take the socialist road alone in a hostile world?

There has been an intense and public debate over this within the Maoist party of Nepal — precisely because their movement has reached the point where a stalemate has emerged in negotiating efforts and a new revolutionary impatience has spread

In this interview, Biplap argues that it is possible to press ahead on the revolutionary road: both seizing power by overthrowing the Nepali government and carrying through radical changes in the world today. Biplap is a member of the Standing Committee member of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Part One:

Part Two:

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