‘The Trouble With Trotskyites’

Trotskyites claim to be revolutionary, but what does Trotskyism practice objectively?

R.I. EDITORIAL COMMENT: The following statement from the MLM organization in Britain, ‘Revolutionary Praxis’, bears so much in common with the role and function of Trotskyism in Canada that we are reproducing it below with our own additions in parentheses, so as to illustrate the identical function of Trotskyism in Canada. Everything that appears in [ ] parentheses is an addition from Revolutionary Initiative.

It is no accident that the imperialist centres have served as headquarters for the Trotskyists, one species of reformist and revisionist ‘Marxism’. It is also no accident that the semi-colonial countries, like Peru, Turkey, India, Philippines, Nepal, have played a leading role in keeping a revolutionary Marxism alive, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and in deed, developing it.

A component of our work as revolutionary communists, as a basis for the refoundation of a proletarian revolutionary Party, is to expose all revisionist ideas, be they borne out of Trotskyism or the revisionist CPs. That said, thanks to Revolutionary Praxis for this statement.

In Britain [and Canada], today there are a number of political organizations which base themselves on the teachings of Leon Trotsky, the counter-revolutionary renegade who defected from and opposed the Soviet Union. These include the Socialist Workers Party [International Socialists in Canada], the Socialist Party, the Alliance for Workers Liberty and a multitude of splinters from these organizations [Socialist Action, the ‘Socialist Caucus’ of the New Democratic Party; Fightback, also trying to transform the NDP into a true ‘workers’ party’; etc.].

Although the Trotskyite groups are slowly dying they still have the capacity to put a lot of people off the struggle for socialist revolution. Some of the ways they do this are:

·They are underhand, devious and undemocratic in their approach to other people in political activity.

·They see no need for engaging with the people in formulating political policies but arrogantly think that they already know all the answers.

·They talk a lot about the working class but in practice base themselves on the middle strata [predominantly amongst students, the labour aristocracy, at best amongst unionized workers].

·They talk of revolution but in reality engage in reformist politics such as supporting the Labour Party [or the New Democratic Party].

·They see trade unions as potentially revolutionary organizations – when in fact they are not – and reject forceful, revolutionary struggle.

·They usually refrain from engaging in illegal political actions, which challenge the authority of the capitalist state.

·They attack the past achievements of socialist transformation made in Russia and China in the past while they have never made any revolutionary breakthroughs anywhere.

·They dismiss the revolutionary struggles of peasants and other non-working class elements in less developed countries while claiming that revolution must come first in the imperialist countries.

·Trotskyites participate in popular movements – such as the struggles against racism and public spending cuts – with the aims of steering them in a harmless, reformist direction and to recruit members to their organizations. They give revolution a bad name and everything they get their dead hands on turns to dust.


It is more than ever before necessary to overthrow capitalism. The periodic economic crashes, murderous imperialist wars and environmental devastation caused by this system of oppression and exploitation mean that either we destroy capitalism or it will destroy us. In Britain [and Canada] the need to build a genuine revolutionary movement to overthrow capitalism is very urgent. Trotskyites around the world have shown themselves to be incapable of doing so.

Join with us in the struggle to create a real, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionary party!


One thought on “‘The Trouble With Trotskyites’

  1. And what is Mao’s legacy in China? Or Stalin’s in Russia? Both countries have been consumed by the world capitalist system. In Russia, Capitalism made it’s full, triumphant return, transforming the Stalinist bureaucrats into rapacious oligarchs. In China, we have the largest population of exploited workers in the world. Trotsky waged a life and death struggle against the revisionist tendencies of Stalinism and Maoism that transformed both countries into massive pools of exploitable labor. These are the legacies you and your Stalinists defend.

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